Broadcast-Lenses: Fujinon

This is the statement of the manufacturer:

“Innovations for your Communication 
Engaged in development and production of TV Lens for over 40 years Fujinon has supported image production through out the world with its own unique technology such as, development of optical design, extreme manufacturing technology and firm quality control.
Now, entering the 21st century, we are pursuing a new challenge. A challenge to develop the next generation TV Lenses with our Opto-Mechatronics technology, which Is the integrated technologies of mechanics and electronics with optics as the core. From the world’s widest power of 4.5mm to telephoto 2.300mm focal length, 60 original lenses fill our line up. Superior resolution, established definition and distinct functionality. All of our lenses contain our clear design intention to always be the answer for the visual creators.”

You can order from us the complete range of Fujinon products. Because of the huge amount of products and systems a complete list would blast this page.

Therefore we recommend to go to the homepage of the manufacturer.
Of course we would be pleased to assist you right from the beginning to configure the right products for your requirement in a one-to-one talk or by email.
For a competent advice it is important to know the main purpose of the equipment, for which camera plus accessories it is mend to be used, etc..
We judge the Lens Calculator as a very helpful tool, you can find it here.

Please contact us because of availability, we will be pleased to prepare for you an offer with top-prices!