Plastic Mirror

What is the purpose of plastic mirrors?

POLLOPAS mirror super brilliant has a high-mirror finish surface and is practically distortion-free which makes it the ideal choice if you want a deviating mirror or need it for back projection. Before shipping each mirror is tested with a beamer (SHARP XR-20X). Its advantages over a traditional glass mirror are its size, its light weight and that it is unbreakable.

We have been producing the POLLOPAS mirror since 1975. It is made of a high-mirror finish polyester foil mounted onto a stable aluminium frame. The back consists of an extremely light polystyrene foam sheet so that you get a light and stable mirror. POLLOPAS is available in any size up to a maximum size of 4 x 1,70 m.
For mounting on walls or in a projector threads or eyes can be put on the back of the aluminium frame.
IMPORTANT INDFORMATION about POLLOPAS silver super brilliant:
Attention! Please don ´t touch the mirror face of the foil!

Distortion-free reflection is only guaranteed starting 4 cm from the edge.
Putting the mirror at an angle or in a horizontal position may change the image (size of the mirror is very important).
It is possible to use mirrors wider than 170 cm. However, we do not recommend it, as for mirrors wider than 170 cm a faultless reproduction can not be guaranteed.

We do not recommend cleaning AV-mirrors as this would damage the mirror surface. POLLOPAS mirrors are practically dust-free, therefore you will not need to clean the mirror. If necessary, however, you might blow off any dirt with air without using pressure.



Plastic mirror in the kitchen-area in one of the studios of SWR in Baden-Baden. The camera can stay on the ground and take distortion-free shots directly from the top.