You need service for your camera support?
You need manpower for your projects?
We can assist you!

The price per hour is EUR 90,-.
For travelling costs (if applicable) we charge EUR 0,70 / km (Based on the distance and duration due to navigation systems for „quickest arrival“. We will not charge additional costs because of e. g. traffic jams and therefore caused deviations and / or longer travelling time.).
In case the duration is for more than one day we will charge an accommodation fee of EUR 80,-. If you organize the hotel accommodation we expect a 4-star hotel with air-conditioning.


If you have to cancel an on-site-service, we will have to charge you for cancellation

  • within 7 days prior to start 10%
  • within 4 days prior to start 20%
  • within 2 days prior to start 50%
  • within 1 days prior to start 75%

of the offered price. If the travel to the location takes more than 6 hours the starting time is based on the leave from the location. Cancellation costs for hotel, flights, shipping of goods, rented equipment etc. will be fully charged to the client, the invoices will be provided as copies.

Subject to errors and changes.