Price List

Front Side Mirrors (FSM)

For mirror sizes above 6.000 cm² we recommend 5 or 6 mm thickness.
As a rough guidance you can calculate per 100 cm² surface a weight of 76 gram for 3 mm, 122 grams for 5 mm and 145 grams for 6 mm.
The tolerance depends on the thickness of the material and the dimension, it will be max. plus/minus 2 mm. Small mirror dimensions or with chargeable grinding these tolerances can be much smaller – please ask us for details.
The standards-sizes are
3 mm 124 cm x 80 cm (max. available size)
5 mm 124 cm x 80 cm (max. available size)
6 mm 125 cm x 80 cm (max. standard size)
Please ask for a special offer if you need a bigger size.
The max. available size is for
6 mm is 265 cm x 175 cm

(ATTENTION: If the size exceeds the max. standard size please respect that longer delivery times will apply and the shipping & packing costs will increase).
Upon request we can grind (and polish if required) the sides of the mirror, please ask for an offer.
The specifications of planarity of the surface are as follows:
3 mm 8/8/2
5 mm 20/20/4
6 mm as standard float glass

Prices and specifications subject to changes without prior notice.