AR Glass

Antireflex Glas LUXAR®

We offer you Antireflective Glass (AR-Glass) in any sizes you may look for. Our standard size is double-coated glass in 2 mm, other thicknesses and versions upon request (e. g. TSG = toughened safety glass or LSG = laminated safety glass).
Using LUXAR® for waiting rooms, display units, artwork, architectural interiors, etc. allows presentation
without unwanted light reflections, mirror-like effects or glare. The whole portfolio of
insulation glass can be ordered in LUXAR® quality. Looking into and looking through glass is not
only an influence of aesthetics but is also important when security is a consideration. Even though we can offer you glass for the before mentioned applications our strength is providing you with small sizes due to your requirements e. g. for measuring tools, machinery etc..

With this calculator you can check easily the AR-Glass prices. Just enter length and height in centimetre and it shows you the prices for glasses in 2 mm thickness (valid from 03.01.2011).



Size Price 2 mm thickness
cm² Euro (netto)

The calculator requires a minimum size of 5 cm. We can provide smaller AR-Glasses for you but there may be limitations due to the thickness and / or the length / width ratio. In that case please just give us a ring or send us an Email.

Dimensions such as e. g. 205 mm please enter as 20.5, the calculator does not accept a “comma”!

The prices of the calculator are only valid for rectangular sizes.

All prices are net without VAT

We charge a minimum of EUR 4,25 per glass.

The minimum price for each glass is EUR 4,25.

Shipping and packing costs due to costs and efforts.

As a guideline you can calculate per 100 cm² size in 2 mm approximately 50 gramm.

Tolerance plus/minus 2 mm.

Schnitt-Toleranz plus/minus 2 mm.

Sizes bigger than 81,3 cm x 127 cm (max. standard size) please ask for a special offer. (ATTENTION: If the size execeeds the max. standard size please respect that longer delivery times will apply and the costs for the glass, shipping & packing will increase).

Prices and details subject to changes without prior notice.

Technical Specifications

Anti Reflective Coated Glass

  • photopic reflection < 0,5%
  • sputtered hard coat
  • neutral colour
  • best environmental resistance

1.1 – 2 mm 1900 x 1350 mm
3.0 – 12 mm 3005 x 1900 mm

AR (anti reflective) coated both sides
Single side AR coated & conductive glass with~ 400 Ohm upon request,

double side R < 0.5%
Reflection Colour at 90° angle:
blueish – neutral

floatglass, low iron white glass,

Surface Quality:
according to EuropTec Surface
Specification Classes A – D

The  meets the following standards:
Abrasion ISO 9211-4
Adhesion ISO 9211-4
Humidity ISO 9022-2
Temperature ISO 9022-4
Solvent stability ISO 9211-4



R and T of double side coated AR glass