Important Notice with reference to Agtar:

So far I have highlighted the work and support from Agtar very positive. Unfortunately I ended up at court with them. Nevertheless their website is very helpful and contains lots of information. With respect to business relation I can only strongly recommend to be careful and to insist to document EVERYTHING in writing - as you normally should do anyhow in business! Otherwise you may end in the same situation as I did, thinking you can trust a reliable looking person and don't insist on documentation and finally don't have another solution as going to court.

Furthermore everybody may make up his mind about the following comment in a letter from Agtar dated 08. August 2005, which they had send to my lawyer to give pressure to me to take my claim from below - that's the only interpretation which I have (NOTE: "To prevent errors in translation only in German!):
" ... Herr Gertenbach wäre gut beraten, wenn er einem Streit aus dem Wege gehen würde. Außer der Navigation wurden wesentlich wertvollere und technisch anspruchsvollere Anlagen in sein Reisemobil eingebaut, für die er unter Umständen einmal Service-Hilfe brauchen wird. Unsere Hilfsbereitschaft wird verbaut, wenn die auch von Ihnen angestrebte einvernehmliche Lösung nicht zustande kommt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Kurt Elsenheimer"

My answer to that is: Thanks for the note but Service-assistance of such a company I must and can resist!


For all who still want to visit the website of such a company please click here.

Note 1: After several attempts from Agtar to get the Marelli navigation system running since 2002, reminders from my side, unkept promises from Agtar to get it running I decided to claim Agtar to take the system back. Because they rejected I passed the issue over to my lawyer. February 2006 will be the meeting at court and I will report about the result. 

This is a shortcut from my point of view. I have no doubt that Agtars version is different. So who is interested in their opinion should contact them!  


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