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More or less a MUST - the links: 
First of all Vinten GmbH, the company I am working for.
Who looks for a real good carpenter should contact Jürgen Müller...
For the metal works at our camper and for lots of other things company Lang provided good work without anything to complain about.
Because I grew up more or less between Gerda, Gottlieb and their son Reinhold Leuchter and in most of the cases with extremely black and dirty hands and had worked here as a coach driver my special regrets to them.
My first job after I had finished the university: Schneider Kreuznach
And of course our son Robin (desperately hoping that he didn't put there anything disgusting!!), who now has a second property.
Links all about camper under Big Foot Links.
From family Kling Petra is represented in the Web with some of her pictures.


To convert dimension in the different standards will find here usefull formulars. The other tools are as well very nice.

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