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Some information about the area ...
Anita's origin is in Mariendorf, belonging to Immenhausen. I am from Niedenstein. Mariendorf is in the north, Niedenstein in the south of Kassel, a city in northerm Hessen (middle of  Germany). Robin was born in the main hospital of Kassel.
Mariendorf, Kirche


Since 1990 we are living in Bad Kreuznach, the beautiful town at the river Nahe.

These are the famous Bridge Houses from 1495!

An up-to-date view you can have here ...

Bad Kreuznach, Brückenhäuser
It is know as well as the city of the nightingales. Even the Romans have settled here and you can still find their "footsteps". Pretty close to our house is the ruin of a Roman villa with a famous mosaic. 
The names origin is roman origin ("Cruciniacum") as well be
cause of street crossing

Bad Kreuznach, Römervilla, Mosaik
Well known is the Dr. Faust house. Dr. Sabellicus Faust lived here 1570.

Karl Marx married his Jenny von Westphalen  19th June 1843 in Bad Kreuznach and stayed here another 4 months.

The town has a lot of to offer: from culture, excellent food and all other kind of facilities to make life comfortable. 

And of course the good wine!

Bad Kreuznach, Dr. Faust-Haus

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