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The second seat was completed yesterday. The picture is showing the seat. An extrusion on the side allows extending the width from 75 cm to 120 cm. So it has the same dimensions as the seat opposite to this one. Together with the table, which you can lower, it will provide another sleeping facility with 120 cm x 190 cm.
As well the board underneath the kitchen has been begun but it is not finalized yet. So it made no sense to lift it into the cabin just to shoot an interim picture. This will for sure follow next weekend, which will allow me 4 full days of labour at the camper (Thursday = 1st May = public holiday, Friday I plan to bridge and than the weekend).



& 2003_05_04

The last 3 days have been a big step forward. Thursday was Labour Day and Friday I had a day off. So with help of the carpenter some parts have been finished as you can see.
In the bathroom the surface to put the sink in got ready. It is made out of Corian, an artificial stone. The advantage is that it can be glued and formed with machines quite easily. The surface has upright walls. In the edges in the firsts step of the work triangular shapes pieces of Corian have been glued. In the next step these edges have been reworked to provide a perfect round shape. So the cleaning of the surface is much easier as if you would have a rectangular shape in the edges.
Below this you see the airstreams for the heating of the shower and bathroom and as well the pipes for the water. On the floor on the left is the outside shower.



The sleeping area of my wife and me have equipped with some boards. The top plate was an idea of mine when I thought how to get the cable of the lamp invisible. So the easiest way was to have the top plate to install into the lamp and to run the 12Volt cabling between it and the normal ceiling. 



The board with 8 slide outs is now nearly finished. This board is completely removable to allow access for the pumps, water heating etc. which is underneath it. The function to build a removable board was a brilliant idea of the carpenter.



The small bench / seating already shown previously is now completed with the slide out to take the extension plate. 



Next weekend we will join a "Selbstausbauer Treffen" (= People who built their own campers). So the work will not progress that much because we already start to this meeting on Saturday lunchtime. As a result the next pictures may follow in 2 or 3 weeks.

See you soon.

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