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2003_05_23 - 2003_06_01


The long week only for work on the camper from 23rd May until 1st June 03 did not work for most of the things as planned.

bulletThe second power transformer was there but the cable to link both together arrived on Tuesday. So finally this job was finished.
bulletThe air-conditioning did not arrive in time. Finally this proved to be not too bad because I realized here first time what a big bulk the two units would have been. So I had to cancel that order because it would have caused tremendous problems with the rest of the furniture. Currently I am looking for a smaller solution.
bulletThe rear camera arrived on the second day (Tuesday) and I mounted it and laid the cables.
bulletNormal TFT-monitors for the driver’s cabin were too expensive. Meanwhile I got one 12” Monitor through Ebay. 
bulletThe monitor switch (2 monitors at one PC) and the 10-meter monitor cable (from the PC in the cabin to the driver’s cabin) arrived as well on Tuesday. But now the monitor switch proved to be a PC switch (2 PC at one monitor)!
bulletThe diesel heating for warm water was not finalized although they tried for two days!! 

The layout of the system is as follows:

1. The Eberspächer diesel heating heats up the water.

2. This water circles through the heat exchange of the Elgena Boiler (has in addition a 230 Volt heating build in) with 30-litre capacity.

3. Furthermore this circuit is connected with the motor cooling system.

4. The motor circuit can be disconnected from the first circuit with an electronic switch off.

5. The off-switch is necessary to prevent:

   a) loss of heat through the motor circuit whilst parking.

   b) Prevent unnecessary heat for the motor whilst driving in hot areas.

6. On the other hand I wanted to use the circuit to the motor:

   a) To use the heat of the motor to save diesel whilst I am driving.

   b) To heat up the driver cabin and motor before I start in the morning.

As you can see not an easy job but he promised to find a solution.

Last but not least some bits for the GPS positioning system have been delivered. A box to get the cables to the GPS receiver has been mounted on the roof.

Because the planned period to finish everything was too short and even on the next day there was no hope for finalisation I drove home on Tuesday evening, which enabled me to be back at work earlier. This proved to be a good thing because I was able to get the new brochure ready for printing, arrange some meetings for the move of the company - so finally the chaos created from Agtar for me private gave me some advantages for the company - but have to drive again sooner or later another 350 km!

The weekend before we have polished and painted the wardrobe and the two benches. This weekend I have reinstalled them. The colour of the wood (Buche / Beech) looks much warmer / red now. Tomorrow is another public holiday in Germany and I am using it to get the other furniture painted. So I doubt that it makes sense to send pictures at the moment.

Anyhow I have added some pictures of the two days at Agtar, which gives an impression of the work..

This picture shows the second power transformer. Now I have 2.500 + 3.000= 5.500 Watt permanently, peaks up to 11.000 Watt. The advantage was, that the wardrobe, which normally is above this place had been taken off for painting, which made the installation much easier.



This picture shows two additional doors. The bigger one is to remove the tank of the toilet, the smaller one gives access to a small box with a shower for outdoor use (has nothing to do with the Agtar visit).



This picture shows two cuts in the wall to allow air circulation for the fridge. The additional door allows easier access for maintenance work or to increase the air circulation.



The garage of Agtar is not high enough to allow access with my camper. The drivers cabin is tilted to get some cables along the chassis to from the cabin to the drivers cabin (additional lights at the rear, to be switched on from both cabins // warning light to show if the electric doorstep is in or out). I started with these things rather than wasting my time by just waiting for the missing parts to arrive.



The ladder was used to mount the cables box for the GPS system.



Here the guys from Agtar are struggling with the water pipe for the water heating system.



Edit: Because of frequent request how and where the heating was connectetd to the motor cooling system here two photos showing where the hoses where integrated into the heating system of the drivers cabin with a T-connector:

And here the second T-connector:



For the installation of the water heating system and to get the cables of the rear camera to the front of the cabin access to the service area was required.



Because of the removal of the furniture everything was standing around and blocking everything. What a mess!

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