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After a longer period without any updates I am now able to show some progress. Unfortunately the friend who helps me with the furniture was sick. So my work was limited to the small bits and pieces which would extend the dimension of this website too much. 

But without these small bits it would have been impossible to achieve the following progress. The preparations for the doors for the wardrobe, shower, toilet and the fridge started already several months ago! The reason is the kind of wood I used for the rest f the furniture. Although it is a multi-layer it tends to bend. For boards and other kind of furniture with horizontal and vertical walls they are preventing each other from bending. But for big plain surfaces such as doors this is impossible. But the plan was to maintain the design of beech wood. So we used CLV board (cross-banded lumber veneered board), covered the edges by gluing solid beech around it, made the surface even and than glued a thin layer of beech on both surfaces. The result looks great!!

The doors for the shower and toilet are already mounted and the locking for the shower is already installed. As soon as the toilet door is as well equipped with the locking it will be removed, polished and than painted.



As well most of the doors of the wardrobe are finished. The slide out between the two upper and two lower doors to carry the keypad for the PC and the very left door are missing.



This is a detail of the left door carrying the TFT monitor.



This is the rear of the door with the holes for air circulation for the TFT.



Another cupboard divides the seating from the kitchen area. The cupboard has doors on both sides to allow easy access to the table ware as well from the seats.



This is the view to the new cupboard from the kitchen. In the front of it you see the area built to take the coffee machine.

Meanwhile I have placed the order for the two new stainless steel freshwater tanks. If everything works out as planned they will be ready end of January 2004.

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