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For interested I want to share the links dealing with campers which I had gathered in the past. It may happen that you find them as well again somewhere else, where they fit best. 
Attention, the links may have lost the reference because I am not permanently checking them and of the amount; so please forgive any dead links and a short notice is more than welcome:



Hall of fame:

The first one to mention is the carpenter Jürgen Müller. Without his generous help and expertise I would never ever had achieved the level of perfection – thank you very much. Of course I have to mention his employee Orest Fuchs who became meanwhile a friend as well.

For various metal work such as the crane special thanks to company Lang. Good prices, fair, reliable, what can you expect more?

Without any doubt I can recommend the specialist for heating, Airco and water installations Sascha Steinbrecher. Unfortunately his website is not ready yet but if you need him he will be available for you 365 days a year.

Company Heiko Petzel in Biebelsheim does not have its own website but the stainless steel fresh water tanks were a great job.

A good address for all our vehicles - not only for our camper- was Boschdienst Keller, unfortunately shut down in 2008.

The local Mercedes garage offers a good and friendly assistance.

And even though without own website he cannot miss here as my permanent help and friend: Orest Fuchs!


Will be continued!



Suppliers all around camper products. In case it is relevant for our camper I added a note (Big Foot):

ActionMobil - extreme camper

Ackermann Fahrzeugbau: truck trailer builder

Adventure Trucks

Agtar Reisemobiltechnik - Electric (Big Foot)

Aigner Trucks -  Trucks

alga - Trucks

Alfers - Trucks

Alde Heating

alu lock - Tie down stuff

AMR-Outdoorwelt - all kind of equipment

Auto Gilles - Trucks

AVS Römer - motorised taps (Big Foot)

Battery Filling System from BFS (Big Foot)

Bimobil, Camper Manufacturer

BIW Sealings

Carmaeleon - Camper

cleff Windows

Conti - HTC My new tires??  (Big Foot)

dustdevil - camper

Daerr Spares and much more

Dehn, high voltage protection etc.

Eberspächer - Diesel Heating (Big Foot)

EFTEL respectively. Edgar Lange, Unimog-RV

Elektron BBS - Usefull information, cable-#, ...

Enfatec, great cabins

Extrem-Mobil Camper Vans

Füss Camper for Expeditions

GFK Hints for glas fiber handling


Hansaflex houses, connectors

Heidtmann - Trucks (Big Foot)

Hoppe, hydraulic and tank systems (Big Foot)

MB classic-truck

KCT Windows

Kuster Windows (Belgium)

Klöckner Steel

Kortenbrede, Batteries, ... (Big Foot)

Langer & Bock Camper vans for Off-Road

LEAB all about Electricity for Campers, Boats, ... (Big Foot)

MAN Mobiles

MAXIMOG - extreme Unimog

Mercedes Benz Classic prices for MB spares, old

Mercedes Benz Service und parts

Michelin - tires - market place for cars, trucks, ..

Mühlinghaus - accessories for trucks (Big Foot)

NTF Gummi - Sealings

ORMOCAR Camper (Big Foot)

Panda - Generators

Philippi - Power control board

Pflitsch - Cabel Glands (Big Foot)

Philipp a. d. H. - truck dealer

Pneumatikwelt, Streubel-Automation (Big Foot)

Recaro Seats (Big Foot)

Reichelt Elektronic, shop

reimo - camper accessories (Big Foot)

rwtech -  ex army stuff

Wheel chain, Germany 1

Wheel chain, Germany 2

Wheel Chains, CZ

Sikaflex + Sika Gluing (Big Foot)

simrit - Sealings

Southco, latches, hinges ..., very interesting!

STAHLGRUBER - parts for cars and trucks

Staufenbiel - cars and camper parts

Stietzel, Truck dealer and used truck parts (Big Foot)

Stirling Electronic parts

SVB Boat accessories (but helpful for Campers as well)

Tank, Alu, SAG - Austria

Tartaruga Swiss Camper Manufacturer

Tranwatt Electricity Accessories

Trocellen - Foam, isolation material (Big Foot)

TTQV navigation software

Victron - Power stuff (Big Foot)

Vogel Centralized greasing unit

Vöhringer - camper parts

WABCO Break Parts

Winkler - spares, tools for cars



Other campers or sites with links to:

ABBC Homepage mit Magirus

Ann & Andy's "Kappes", a Magirus

Auf Achse - Tour reports around the world

Bartsch, Peter aus der Schweiz, u. a. gute Stellplatztips!

Bert's Magirus NEW

Bock, Truckmobile Tours worldwide

Bodo & Bine, MB 1017 RV

Broses - Africa tour with MD170

Camptours, Camper, various & model railroad


die-clemens-seite lots of campers (Big Foot)

Dieseltreter or 4-Gang and their MD

Dieter's camper - Links

Dreßler MAN KAT1 camper van

Friedl Offroad tours - SCAM truck

Freyhaven Unimog

Gagels Unimog

Gerd Offroad Unterwegs

Globedrivers, Unimog, plans bigger Camper

Hack, Stefan and his Magirus, journeys, construction, ...

Hilde EVO

Hirschberg, Thomas - MB 1113

Jaaskelainen, Pekka MB-Camper from Finnland

Jan from Belgium

Janssen, Willy - Meeting

Jawoll MB Campers, MB mainly

Johannesson, Rolf, MB 1017 Camper

Kases camper Smokey from Austria

KAT on World-Tour, remarkable tour reports

Klapproth - Adventure-Tours

Kunze, Steffen, guided tours to India, ...

Landscaper MAN Truck

Landmann - Truck-Trial - Coach Page

Langenkamp Unimog 404

Laske, Jürgen & Family, Unimog Camper

Les albums - Campers extreme

Lukasczyk, Thomas, UlliMog, Unimog Camper

Marc Foege, Unimog Worldtour

MB 911 from Belgium, Kurt and Cindy

MB 911 Namibia

MB - Pirx - good hints

MB 911 Probian

MB 911 from Chris, Moni and Ronja

MB 914 from Uli & Edith, RV called "Sternchen"

mb-mobil - lots of campers

MB Kurzhauber - Literature, meetings../ 

Melzer, Travel Reports

Naturetrail- camper on tour

newtonmeter many helpful links

papaauto - Unimog Webseite

Parapanters - former coach

Project-Asia, Jan Riedel & Esther

Rainer's MAN L2000 NEW

Reck, Freddy - with MAN on world-tour

Reisenomaden, MB 1017 Camper

Rhino-Team, Truck-Trail, Camper-Extrem onf KAT 6x6 & nice people

Rob Grey's WoMo (from Australia)

Salzer MD camper van

Savanna-Sunset, Camper in Africa

Schuhmacher-Loose, Günther, MAN Camper respectively. his job

Striegistaler Truck-Trail - Camper


Truck-Travel & Travel Photography, ...

Unimurr - Unimog 417

Waas, Thomas & Linda, MAN Camper

Waypoints world tour with Action Mobil, fantastic reports

Weigl, Hans and his Vario 815 4x4

Wilmaaa's World & her Hanomag


Wohni, Tommy & Doris & children & their Toyo, in Namibia

Wolfi from Austria and his MB 1113

Womabil - Landy with removable Cabin

Wombi, @ Madrash

Worldtrucking - long camper trip




(unfortunately only Archive funcition since October 2006, successor is:




Camper Club Netherland


Wohnmobile & Caravan Netz - Liste

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Wohnbus Germany / former Coaches German 

Wohnbus Swiss / former coaches Swiss

Webzwecke  Site with RV-Links



Sites with technical, legal, .. hints / information, ...:

Thread specifications, ...  NEW

Sites to rest overnight

Overnight resting in Switzerland, site of Peter & Anita


KBA = Kraftfahrbundesamt, documents, laws, ...

Max. Speed for different kind of cars in CH

Touring 24 - Places for resting overnight

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