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"Franken Meeting" in Himmelstadt (close to Würzburg)


This weekend I spent at a terrain where it was possible to drive and to use the 4-wheel facilities. A lot of nice people came together to drive, discuss and exchange experiences. Here you see Big Foot accompanied by Lemmie's truck (the blue Magirus with the LHW logo - instead of THW!) and Wolfs truck on the right (the light blue Magirus).


I am afraid that it becomes a habit that I manage to stuck with Big foot at least once whilst these meetings. Here the rear axle sunk complete into the muddy terrain.


This was track where I wanted to get up but failed. Because the rear axle sunk the cabin twisted on the chassis - but in contradiction to the last tour in Saverne nothing broke!


Lots of trucks from the former GDR were there.


Emil & Conny with their Concorde wanted to get some ideas for their future project.


Hans has a look at the platform of the motorcycle.


Interesting this Magirus: in the open garage in the rear they store the Quad, which you see here in front. (Sorry, forgot your names - would be pleased if you could contact me and let me know!)


On this Magirus they carried 3 Quads!


A very special version of transporting a small "shopping car"! (Andrea & Uwe with their "Hanni" on the trailer)  


"Some" were interested in Big Foots interior as you can see from all the shoes standing outside - or was it only the Metaxa-Brandy??

Note: With assistance of the power-cable Lemmi next to me excited his neighbourhood with his stereo.


Here you see a VW LT climbing up a steep hill. Believe it or not I drove up here with Big Foot as well. Unfortunately I didn't got hold of any photos!


But here is a Video (Attention: 61MB!), which proves how I climbed up the hill and nearly ripped of the rear bumper!

Click here, Video-Download



When I wanted to drive up the second time to get some pictures I couldn't. The reason you see here! The girl friend driving the Robur made a small mistake and this was the result. Luckily nobody was hurt! When I spoke to the owner of the truck in the evening he said that most likely his girl friend will never drive again - but he has forgiven!


The benefit of such a meeting is, that a lot of trucks and drivers with all kind of experience and tools are around. So with Christians Unimog in front and Max's truck and the winch they managed to get it upright again!


Done! They spend the rest of the day to fix the cabin so that they could spend another night and return on the Sunday as good as possible.


Heiko had built the complete camper cabin for his truck on its own. Here he shows me his self-made staircase - as well an excellent job! 

By the way - it was him who encouraged me to try to drive up that hill where the Robur failed!


This gives an overview of the parking area.


Here is Hans' (Wombi) truck and an interesting "tent" construction. Definitely a lot of space available!


In the evening I was still OK, no wonder, the bottle with Metaxa- Brandy was not empty yet (next to my seet)!!



This is on Sunday morning after the breakfast: Wolfs wife on the very left, followed by Christian & Britta, from the rear Uwe and Andrea (Wilmaa) plus a Uli (driver of a Hanomag truck, know in the MD-Forum as "Kumpelchen").


Many, many thanks to the Christoph for organising this event, to all the nice visitors not mentioned before such as Mathias, the 4-mates gang (although only 3), Tino (not with a "m"!!), Simon, and all the others which I had the pleasure to meet, and sorry to those from which I didn’t took any photos. It was super fun with you all and I would be happy to meet again with you!

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