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On Saturday the upper locker in the kitchen got ready.



As well the upper locker in the toilet got ready:



Last but not least the locker under the sink in the toilet was finished.



What you do not see are the small bits and pieces, which kept me busy on Saturday. In addition to the shower inside we wanted to have an outside shower. All parts for this are in the bottom of the locker under the sink. By opening a door on the outside of the cabin you can take it out and open the water tap for a shower (if you just want to get rid of some salt water, sand e.g.). These parts are in a separate box in the locker and you can access it as well from inside (for repair work e.g.). Because a lot of tubes, hoses go through this locker (supply for the external shower, "normal" inner shower, water tap for the sink plus waste water of the sink) the box needed a lot of cuts.

On Sunday (today) I was working on the electricity (wiring etc.), which is difficult to show in pictures (or does anybody fancy a picture of an additional cable??). Just some data: Meanwhile I have installed 250m cables (2 wires) for 12V and 24V and 150m for 230V (3 wires).

But Robin (my son) helped me today and he did alone the lattice for the mattresses in his and our beds, which is worth to show. Well done and thanks to Robin.



Next weekend I will work again and on Sunday evening I will drive to Cologne to install the second converter (to have 5000 Watt permanent power, for short term use up to 10.000 Watt), the air-conditioning, the rear camera and the navigation system. This requires having best possible access to the "ground floor". Therefore on Saturday we will really finalize the wardrobe 100% including all doors, inner installation and the hold for the 17" TFT in one of the doors. When having done that we will take it out and start to polish and paint it. I hope to finish the installation in Cologne until Wednesday, Thursday is a public holiday, Friday I have another day of so there is plenty of time until end of next but one weekend to finish the wardrobe (hopefully!). 
So the next report may be late but interesting with some final installations.

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