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What did my kind wife say, when I told her that I am going to get a vice and install a special fixing for it? 
"We NEVER needed something like that! Why now? What a waste of time and money! Robin, what is your opinion?"
My son answered quite carefully: "Hmmm, yeah, normally we don't need it." Maybe he had hoped for an increase of his pocket-money from me???


Nevertheless, due to my opinion the lack of a vice was no longer tolerable. The result you can see now but first a view into the garage with the ladder which can be fixed in the rear end of the cabine and stored in a compartment which can be seen right above the ladder.



Here the ladder is pushed in the compartment and the vice mounted on the extracted support. The big door of the rear garage offers a useful rain proctection.



This photo shows in detail how the vice is mounted on the support. On two long threads triangular plates had been welded (one of these units is still fixed and the other one lying dismounted on the support). These are pushed through the holes of the vice and holes of the support.The triangular plates prevent the threads from spinning around and provide additional positional rigidity of the vice because they are fitting directly to the sides of the vice. With a nut-grip the threads - togehter with the vice - are fixed from underneath.



The support is fitting into the frame of the cabine. With two screw-handles from underneath and two screws with "Mickey-Mouse" heads from the side the support is fixed to the cabine frame. In the support four holes had been drilled and threads-holes had been applied. To provide a sufficient wall thickness the metal had been doubled with metal plates being welded on.



Most of the tiem the vice will be stored in a box and the support pushed into the cabines frame to be ready for use. For ease of handling the support has a handle on the front.
On the side I hope that there will never be the need to use this tool, on the other side i would appreciate very much to say to my family: 
"Thanks good that I did take care in the old days so that we now have  ... . And all the sarcastic comments from you ... ." 



Last but not least I want to show one of my (or Big Foot's??) Christmas presents: the logo! My dear wife was looking into the future and had organized a second one but in black because sooner or later the camper will be painted in a sand-yellow colour (tha's the status at the moment).

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