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"Even more various modifications"


Last Update was about the battery problems and here now the solution (hopefully!). One of the big batteries was used for 12V-supply and was charged by a DC/DC-converter - unfortunately not in the best way (pls. read as well here). So I connected the 12V-users directly to the DC/DC-converter (works up to 20A, sooner or later this will become a back-up and will be replaced by a model with 60A). As a result I had a spare 12V battery. So I bought one more and have now for the starting the engine the same as for the rest of the power supply. One additional advantage was that I was able to install the BFS-filling system to these two batteries, which makes the regular service (re-filling distilled water) much more comfortable. 


This photo shows a detail: The 70 mm˛ cables are connected to two M10 V2A threaded steel pins which reach through the cabin wall to the outside.


On the outside is a plastic box (see arrow) into which the M10-threaded pins reach. The original battery cabling gets into this box and is connected here to the inside.


The "old" battery area looks now like this (more modifications will follow!!).


Some fine-tuning was done in the cabin: In the edge were the houses for the airco. This didn't look too good and so I put here a cover in the edge, following the edges shape of the top of the cabin.


The open board was prolonged directly under the airco.



After off-road tours or even after sharp turn on roads it was always critical that the dish could fall out off the boards when the doors were opened. Here are the first two dish-holders, with perfect fit for our dishes and hopefully these problems will now be history. the left dish holder (arrow) is more or less only holes if you look to it from top! One or two of these dish-holders will follow.



And here a photo of the wine-glas-holder: Again some holes in a board and tube isolation above. You take the wine glas and push it up against the foam of the isolation material.



Last but not least: the new bellow between the cabin and drivers cabin from Ormocar. The material looks similar to the stuff from Langer&Bock and seems to be a perfect solution. Material seems to be more than sufficient to allow even extreme twists between both cabins. Important to know: Ormocar has replaced it free of charge even after 3 years.


And here a picture from the inside with one improvement for which I asked: Quick detachability without tools (s. arrow). I allowed Ormocar to use this patent as well for other clients! :-)

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